Eyebrow Shaping Testimonials

Eyebrows are probably the most important feature on your face. Trying to find an esthetician who knows how to shape them seemed to be impossible – that is until I met Shanette. My mother recommended that I go see her after I had problems finding someone who could shape my eyebrows appropriately. I have a small scar on my left eyebrow and no matter who I went to, they always seemed stumped as to how to wax around it.

From my first visit, Shanette impressed me with her ability to explain how the hair grows and how one eyebrow had to be treated differently than the other. No other esthetician had ever taken the time to explain that to me. Needless to say she has been shaping my eyebrows ever since.

As I said before, eyebrows really are the one thing that shapes and defines a face. Each time I leave the salon, I’m confident that I’m putting my best face forward – and that my eyebrows have been sculpted to perfection!