Waxing For Men

Body Waxing For Men

If there is one word that scares men, it's probably waxing. If you've ever watched the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and saw the waxing scene, you probably think of two words - pain and more pain.

But, if you consider unwanted hair removal, it's gotta come off somehow. Shaving isn't a good choice by any means, so the best hair removal for men really is good old fashioned waxing.

Rest assured, more and more men are going to the spa these days. At L'Exquisite we have a growing number of men coming in for male body waxing. It is nowhere near as painful as you think. First of all, there are many different types of professional waxing products on the market. From hot wax hair removal to hard wax hair removal to depilatory wax and everything else in between. However, as with any of the hair removal methods, the quality of the wax and your pain tolerance have a lot to do with it. One of the things that might hold you back is your fear of pain, but there is painless hair removal.

Hair Removal For Men Is Extremely Popular

There are many reasons for male hair removal. They might be athletes, body builders, boyfriends and husbands of women who don't like the hairs on the guys bodies. Some men get waxed because they don't want to go to the beach with a hairy back, or their friends get it done. Some men actually do it because they like it. Let's face it, a hairy back is not especially attractive. Some men just never thought of waxing body hair before, but men tell us once they had it done, they just love that clean feeling, and they do not feel as sweaty.

No matter what the reasons are, the fact remains, more and more men are getting waxing services. They are just becoming a lot more conscious of what their body looks like.

Many of my clients have told mer that after several visits they noticed a difference in how much thinner  their body hair became and how much cleaner they felt especially after a physical activity. No matter how stubborn or coarse your hair is or how long you have been shaving, it is never too late to try waxing for your male hair removal option to get the smoothest skin possible!


Aside from everything else, eyebrow grooming is definitely one of the biggest trends for men. After all, it's the first thing people see when they look at your face. So gentlemen, get your eyebrows waxed and shaped. Maintaining them every three weeks will make you more attractive, why wouldn’t you want that?

L'Exquisite's Male Body Waxing Services Include

Brow waxing, nose hair removal, nostrils, ear hair removal, face wax, neck, shoulders, underarm waxing, arms, hands, fingers, back hair removal, chest hair removal, abs, leg hair removal, feet, toes, and buttocks and crack, body wax.

Our most popular services are men's eyebrow waxing, back waxing and men chest wax.

Things You Need To Know About Male Hair Removal

Your skin will be red and bumpy right after waxing, that is normal. The redness usually goes away in an hour or less.

Some peoples skin stays red longer, that is not unusual. Everybody's skin reacts differently, especially if you already have bumps or breakouts.

Once your skin gets used to regular waxing, breakouts from hair removal often subside.

Your skin might react to the pulling, especially if you've never had it done before.

After waxing, I treat the skin with antiseptic and antibacterial products. After this, we apply an additional solution to soothe irritation.

Avoid going for a work out, running, swimming, sauna, and any activity that makes you sweat after waxing. No hot shower or bath for 12 hours after waxing.

Scrub your back at least every other day with a back brush, this will help remove dead skin cells. As the hairs are growing back they are trying to push through the skin, if the little follicles get stuck, they can become infected and become little zits.

Use a scrub once a week on the areas you wax.
Use a scrub one or two days before waxing.

If you are preparing for a special event, come in fa month or two before to get waxed beforehand so you know how your skin reacts.

Brazilian Waxing For Men

While I don't offer brazilian waxing for men, I can give you some tips. The idea that personal care is just for women is no longer true. Men like a completely bare look too, you don't need to apologize or explain why you are getting it done. For the technician to be able to do a proper job, you will need to help her by holding everything in place especially when it comes to pulling all the hair out of your balls. The skin in that area is really sensitive. Only the part that is being waxed should be exposed. For the testicles to be taut, you will need to cradle them in your hand, and you will need to hold your penis in a way that pulls the testicles taut. The shaft tis usually the most difficult part to wax because the hairs there are usually really stubborn and grow in every direction, and the top of the legs are really hard to get to.

Waxing is usually done by a female technician. So what if you get an erection? It does not happen often, but it can happen, sometimes because you are nervous. Just try to relax. If it gets out of control, the technician will leave the room until you regain control.Just think about the technician's fears for a moment. She too is worried about how to "handle" every situation and how to wax areas that might be saggy, wrinkled, or stiff without feeling shy, embarrassed, or terrified.

What about pain? It depends on each man's pain tolerance. The first time is usually the worst, but if you maintain it regularly it might be a bit uncomfortable, but will not be a big deal. Avoid working out, sauna, swimming and having sex for 24 hours after waxing.

Cost of Waxing

Waxing prices depend on the area that's being treated, and vary from salon to salon depending on the products being used. As with anything, there are choices. Some places use a lower, less expensive product than others. That will be reflected in the price.

We use really good wax. Our clients often comment that they feel the difference if they have been waxed somewhere else before.

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