Back Facial Treatment

LOVE the skin you are in by giving it the proper care

Millions and millions of people experience back acne (BACKNE as it is called in the esthetic world). If you are one, you need a back facial.

Back acne is a skin disorder where the skin cells are shedding at an accelerated rate inside the pores. A healthy pore sheds about a layer of dead skin a day. Unhealthy skin sheds five times as much. Acne and breakouts are difficult to treat whether on the face or the back. A proper skin care routine is very important, as is the order in which the products are to be applied.

You may have treated your face to a facial before – but are you ignoring your back? Many suffer from back acne, but most do not know what to do about this hard to reach area.

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One treatment will make a difference, but to be realistic, the best acne treatment consists of a series of six treatments done at a two week interval, or at least regular back facials six weeks apart

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