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High Performance Facials and

Chemical Peels

One of the biggest trends nowadays are non-surgical procedures. Many woman and men of all ages start their skin rejuvenation with facials.

Our facial services are designed to help enhance your beauty and well-being quickly without any downtime time while allowing you to relax and enjoy a bit of YOU time in a calm, professional and private environment. We offer a variety of noninvasive facial treatments to help achieve your desired results.

One of our hottest ingredients with most of our luxury facials is glycolic acid, because it is a powerful liquid exfoliant that leaves the skin looking smoother, brighter, and more even-toned without stripping the skin of its oils and moisture.

Types Of  Facials We Offer

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Facials and Chemical Peels.
There is a list of facial treatments. Each facial has its own page.

How Often Should I Have a Facial?

Maintenance facials are recommended every six to eight weeks, or at least every season change.

As with anything, to get the most dramatic results, and to speed up your cell regeneration, we recommend a series of six treatments, at one week intervals. Recommended home care products must be used if you decide to do a series of six treatment. After that continue with good skin care products at home and with regular maintenance facial therapy.

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