Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage What is it? It can be traced back 2500 years. A therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage comes from the Indian tradition of Ayurveda. Ayur, means “life” and veda means “knowledge”. It acts as a guide to the proper maintenance of life. Ayurveda originated in the rich, ancient traditions of India and is the […]

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Be a Perfect “10” & Happy Spring

May is Melanoma Awareness month Melanoma can start with a small mole no bigger than a pencil tip. Ignoring it, or hoping it will go away, could be a deadly mistake. This is to remind everyone how important it is to cover up and wear sun screen as the summer approaches. There are definite signs […]

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The Secret DVD – as seen on Oprah

Find out why The Secret DVD is taking the world by storm. The Secret is a thought-provoking documentary-style movie about manifesting and how to use The Law of Attraction to create whatever you want in your life. What do you really want? The Secret movie helps you understand just how important it is to consciously […]

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