Mini Lash Lift Lash Perm Kit

$80.00 $75.00

With this lash lift lash perm kit, you get immediate, natural looking results. Curls last up to 3 months. No more broken lashes from mechanical curlers.

Price reduced for a limited time only.


Mini Eyelash Lift - Lash Perm Kit Includes:

1 Perm Solution
1 Neutralizer
1 Collagen Conditioner
1 Glue Remover
5 Pairs Eye pad
3 Wood Sticks
3 Pair Silicone Perm Rods -1 Small - 1 Medium - 1 Large

Tinting procedure can also be used with perming at the same time

IF you use this at home, please follow the instructions carefully and do one eye at the time.
Keep the eye you are working on CLOSED.


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