Slimming Body Wrap Testimonials

“Near Magical Bioslimmin Body Treatment” Jo Vickers

“The Innovative Slimming Treatment that is Taking the Beauty World by Storm” Hannah Rouch

“Bioslimming is definetly a treatment that works” Christina Lyndsay

“…the appearance of my thighs was definitely smoother and my silhouette looked slimmer and sleeker”. Marissa Bell

Top International Model and Actresses, Christina Storm uses Bioslimming Body Wraps, and she LOVES it

“When you see actresses in person, they’re teeny-weeny. Those waists fit into the most miniscule of dresses during awards season—and one secret weapon they use to lose the last few inches is the Bioslimming Active Wrap” Louise Roe

Hi, My name is Lynda. I visited L’exquisite Day Spa and had the Hollywood Body wrap, the experience was relaxing and the results were more than I expected having been on a diet prior to doing the wrap.  The atmosphere in the spa was serene and the customer service was excellent.  The body wrap was not uncomfortable and the music in the room made it easier to pass the time.  Overall I lost 8 3/4 inches and would advice anyone who wants to lose some inches(fat loss) to give this a try.

WOW, thank you Shanette, I just had a Hollywood Secret Body Wrap a few days ago and lost 12 inches after the one wrap. I can feel it in my clothes and I feel terrific!

I was skeptical at first, especially being a male but in using the wrap, I lost 6 inches.  It is definitely something that I would consider doing again. I also bought an amino acid product Shanette recommended. Within days I had more energy and I notice that I am not as hungry any more.

I recently visited Shanette at L’Exquisite Day Spa to try the body wrap. From the moment I entered the spa, Shanette made me feel very welcome and at ease. My spa treatment room was lovely- very clean and soothing, and her massaging bed was heavenly! Plus, I lost half an inch off my tummy in only 45 mins! I am looking forward to returning for another treatment with Shanette very soon!
Natasha B.