Exercise is Beneficial for Everyone

Exercise is Beneficial For Everyone

It’s a good idea to include more than one type of exercise in your daily routine. Too much of the wrong thing can actually hurt us in the long run.

Working out with weights has its benefits, so do cardiovascular exercises, and including Yoga is a good choice.


Yoga has been around for over 5000 years. People who practice Yoga on a regular basis are quite strong.

The word yoga means ‘union.’ There are so many different types of yoga that vary in intensity, but the basics include breathing techniques, simple meditation, and poses that stretch the muscles. Yoga reduces stress and will enhance a feeling of well-being and will improve our physical and general health.
Yoga is an outstanding body workout. Regular yoga exercises will increase muscle strength in your core, arms and legs, and as time goes on, will help to keep you in a yoga position much longer. It will give you a toned body and increased flexibility. Yoga can improve brain function, burn calories, lower blood pressure and give you stronger bones.

Do the planks. After all, our goal should be to fit and active and any age.

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