Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Starts With The Right Products

Let Us Take Years Off Your Face No fluff, no hype, just visible results after one facial treatment with ultrasound. A unique, luxurious facial that is gentle, yet an intense anti wrinkle facial treatment that is designed to slow down aging and prevent pre-mature aging. Geared to speed up cell renewal, even skin tone, increased collagen […]

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True Beauty Is Timeless

Ari Seth Cohen, photographer and self-proclaimed ’old lady expert’, appreciates ’advanced’ beauty. He finds his models — elegant older ladies — on the streets of New York. The youngest of them is 59 and the oldest is 102 years old. They know that true beauty is timeless, and taste and style only get more sophisticated over the years. These women don’t hide their age, don’t […]

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How Would Your Life Change If You Landed That Dream Job?

Imagine this – You set your own goals on your own schedule. If you are like an average employee, you work 40-50 hours a week – 50 weeks a year. You work for enough income to have an OK life and you work to make a difference in the lives of others, but what if […]

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