Social Media Secret Seminar

With 95 million tweets a day, 700 billion
minutes per month being spent on Facebook
and technology moving faster than we can
think, it’s easy to recognize how popular
social networking has become.

However, if you’re like most small business
people you’re probably wondering how you’re
supposed to take it all in?

What does this really mean for your business
and how can you leverage your time to get the
most worthwhile result possible?

When it comes to social media, few people
seem to have the answers and even fewer
have the credibility to back up their claims.

According to Street Smart Marketer Paul
Tobey, CEO of Training Business Pros, there
are several time-saving apps, websites and a
plethora of tips and tricks to get you started
and in the game without a lot of work and
without feeling lost.

Tobey is considered by thousands to be one of
North America’s leading Internet marketing and
social media trainers.

And, he’ll be HERE in Toronto on Tuesday
March 8th at 1 PM at the beautiful On
the Park Conference Centre at Eglinton and

Register at

I highly recommend that you attend and most
definitely bring a friend. In fact forward this
invitation around to as many people as you can
because, when Paul Tobey gives a seminar,
people tend to learn stuff.

See you there,

Shanette Seipt


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