This year, don’t make a “New Year’s Resolution!

Have you ever experienced difficulty in keeping a New Years Resolution?
You are not alone.

According to a recent survey, 90% of the people interviewed acknowledged they failed to keep or achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.

Did you ever wonder why most people have such a hard time keeping a New Year’s Resolution?

Well, some recent scientific information not only has the answer, it tells us how we can change all of that.

Scientists and psychologists have proven that our subconscious mind will always do one of two things when we first decide to attempt to achieve an objective, it will either help us – or hinder us. These studies conclusively show that If our subconscious mind has data to support the belief that we are capable of accomplishing an objective, it will support our activities. Conversely, if our subconscious mind has data to support the belief that we are not capable of accomplishing an objective, it will hinder us by creating excuses on why we should quit pursuing such a “silly” goal.

Henry Ford didn’t have the benefit of this scientifically proven research when he uttered his famous quote, “if you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right”.

Sir Francis Bacon once said, “knowledge is power”.
So, what is the power of having this knowledge about how our subconscious mind processes information before it decides whether it should help or hinder?

This power is an amazing power. It is the power to now control the outcome – by determining which files of information we direct our subconscious to review before it makes this all important decision – to help – or – to hinder.

The subconscious has stored all of its information under the headings of the labels we put on things. When we use the label “New Year Resolutions”, our subconscious then looks in all of its files that contain any information regarding our personal previous history with these things called “New Year Resolutions”. As we now know, most of the time we have set a “New Year Resolution” we have failed to accomplish it. So once our subconscious looks in this file and sees that we have failed most of the time we have attempted such a thing – it can safely assume that this time will be no different. Since our subconscious wants to protect us from harm, and believes if we start toward this objective we will likely fail, the surest thing it can do to avoid such a harm would be to talk us out of it. Because our subconscious mind knows that it is better to quit than it is to fail.

What if instead of directing our subconscious to the file containing all the information on our previous “New Year Resolutions”, we directed our subconscious to the file containing our previous “Promises”. Unlike the New Year Resolutions file which contains a track record of quitting and failing, our file containing our previous Promises would be a track record of successful completion. Our history with promises is remarkably different, because we use the word promise very carefully. We only offer it when we are certain that we fully intend to accomplish a particular objective. It doesn’t matter whether it is a promise to someone else or a promise to ourselves, when we make a promise we work hard to keep it.

Since our “Promise File” is full of successful completions, our subconscious can and will feel comfortable that we are fully capable of accomplishing this current promise and will help us instead of hindering us.

This year, do not make a New Year’s Resolution. Instead, make a “New Year’s Promise”.

By substituting one simple word – you redirect your subconscious to look in the files that are full of successful completions.

By using this simple technique, 2007 will be a great year. A year where your subconscious is determined to help you achieve your objectives.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful New Year!!!

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