Tips to cope after breast cancer surgery

October is breast cancer awareness month.

Several of my clients have gone through this
terrifying experience of breast cancer surgery.

Some people just need some lymph notes removed,
others are faced with a mastectomy or something in between.

Here are some tips to help you cope.

Surround yourself with a group of positive people
that can give you the support you need.
They may be family members, friends or other
breast cancer survivors.

Consult a physical therapist.
Do your exercises to regain your strength.

Wear comfortable, but stylish clothes.
It will make you feel good.

Protect your skin.
Use a good cosmeceutical skin care line
and wear a sunblock.
Your skin will change and be much more sensitive.

Avoid cutting your nails. Just file them.
Any little thing can cause an infection.

Avoid lifting heavy things.

Eat well, get some fresh air and think positive.

Watch a comedy. Laughter is a great medicine.

Listen to your favorite tunes.
Music is uplifting.

Call someone when you need to talk, laugh or cry.
Don’t be shy.

To your health,

L’Exquisite Day Spa

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