A 16 year plagued with Acne needs our help

Let’s help this boy! Here’s what he wrote:

Hey everyone who reads this letter.

My name is Shakib and I live in USA , Louisville Ky. I am 16 years old and I am from Afghanistan.

I came to USA like a refugee and I live here only 1 year,4 monthes. I don’t have my father with me because, I have lost him in the war time in Afghanistan. I have 2 brother and 4 sisters. I have a lot of acne on my face and I hate it.Every time when I am watching my face oin mirror I feel like I am about to cry. My mom is the only one person who is working in my family and I don’t ask her for money to buy for me cream for acne because she don’t even make enaugh to pay for all the bills. I heard a lot about the creams and everything else you all make but I can’t have them because, in my family we don’t have enaugh money for everything. I want you all to”Please” send me like a gift a cream for acne, because I need it very much. If you all do that I will be very happy that I am in USA.

Ahmad Shakib Wali

501 East Liberty St.Apt.211

Louisville, Ky 40202

Tel: (502) 749-3706

or (502) 500-6676

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