We offer hair removal for women and hair removal for men

Hot wax hair removal has become a huge trend. We have been in business for many years and have seen the trend change drastically over the years. We no longer offer sugaring hair removal. We have found a product that we think is the best wax for hair removal. It's not hot, it's gentle and gives great results.

Our spa hair removal services include:
facial waxing or face waxing, eyebrow waxing, lip waxing, cheeks waxing, chin wax, throat, underarm waxing, mens waxing, bikini waxing, extended bikini waxing, brazilian bikini waxing also called genital waxing or full brazilian wax, waxing bikini area can mean different bikini waxing styles. Full body wax, male waxing, chest waxing, male chest waxing, back wax, arm waxing, hands, fingers, leg waxing, feet waxing, toes, hands etc. We do not offer brazilian waxing for men but we do offer laser hair removal for that area.

Shaving or waxing bikini area? Waxing is by far the best solution. Brazilian bikini waxing an dmale body waxing is a huge trend. Girl bikini waxing is also high on the list of priorities for many because there are no side effects of waxing.

Waxing prices vary between waxing salons. Keep in mind that there is a difference in the waxing products and between the waxing spas.

Below is a list of some waxing services and approximate time needed:

Service Approximate Time Needed
Brazilian waxing 20 - 60 minutes
Full Leg Waxing - For Women 75 minutes
Back - For Women 60 minutes
Back - For Men 60 minutes
Chest 40 minutes
Upper Lip 5 minutes
Under Arms 10 minutes
Back of Neck - For Men 15 minutes
Abdomen 45 minutes
Whole Arms - For Women 60 minutes
Whole Arms - For Men 60 minutes
Half Arms 35 minutes
Men's Back 40-60 minutes
Lower Legs 35 minutes
Cheeks, Chin OR Throat 5 minutes
Full Legs & reg. Bikini 90 minutes
Upper Legs 45 minutes
Full Legs - For Men 90 minutes
Bikini 15 minutes
Buttocks - For Women 15 minutes
Upper Legs & reg. Bikini 60 minutes
Buttocks Partial - For Men 20 minutes
Sideburns 5 minutes
Brows Bushy or New Design 15 minutes
Hands OR Feet & Toes 10 minutes

Redness after waxing is normal. Some people get bumps after waxing or an irritation after waxing. Don't panic, just clean the area with Hydrogen Peroxide and apply Polysporin to soothe the skin.


You can find the prices for all our services on this prices and booking page

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