Advanced body therapy massage

We offer a variety of relaxation massage, Indian Head Massage and more

Spa massage therapy is offered by our registered massage therapist as well as a holistic massage therapist performing the different types of advanced body therapy massage also known as a full body oil massage. Giving a full body massage with aromatherapy oils helps to promote body wellness and holistic healing. A full body massage also helps relieve signs of stress and increase blood circulation flow. Call us at 905-827-2222 to book an appointment.

What is a full body massage?

Basically we start with a leg massage, then do an abdominal massage, then we massage the hands and arms followed by a chest massage and continue up the face and head. Then we let you turn around and do a back massage followed by a back leg massage and finish with the feet. The aromatherapy essential oils and the various massage techniques aid relaxation, decrease symptoms of stress, improve blood circulation and are a vital part in alternative healing.

Indian head massage also known as Indian Champissage or indian massage

It originated from Ayurveda, but it is not an oil massage. Ayurvedic treatments are an ancient type of medicine which has been practiced in India for over 1,000 years. This head massage and includes the face, upper arms, a neck massage and shoulder massage which are important energy centers within the body where tension accumulates resulting in neck and shoulder pain and headaches. A firm and gentle rhythm is used to release blockages and relieve tension and pain. For this type of spa massage you sit on a very plain body massage chair but the massaging techniques are relaxing and have a balancing effect on the recipient as it helps to release stress on all levels: physical, emotional and psychological. It has the ability to create a sense of peace and well-being. It is a trigger point massage with a focus on lymphatic drainage. Your session will leave you feeling calm and revitalized.

You can learn more about Indian Head Massage by clicking the link or selecting it from the spa menu on the left.

Aromatherapy Massage or Swedish Massage

This relaxing massage is a full body wellness massage and you get to relax on a very comfortable massage table. We use stress relief massage techniques, swedish massage techniques and massage oils to calm the mind and destress the body. Many of our clients call it a healing hands massage. It's also a well liked couples massage.

Hot Stone or Deep Tissue Bodywork

Experience a deep state of relaxation with this ancient massage treatment. We warm up special massage stones and use them in combination with massage products and various massage techniques to relax your mind. It is also referred to as a sports massage due to the fact that it relieves knots, stress and tension at its deepest level. This is an oil massage.

Experience the benefits of your body's natural capacity for healing.

You can learn more about Hot Stone Massage by clicking the link or selecting it from the menu on the left.

Chair Massage

This massage technique is done on a client while he/she is sitting in a specially designed very comfortable massage chair. The client remains fully clothed during the massage.

This is a no oil massage. A chair massage is an acupressure massage as well as a lymphatic massage. We focus on problem areas such as the neck, shoulder, back, head and arms. Typically these areas tend to hold overwhelming amount of stress that can lead to headaches, stiffness, poor concentration, aches and pain.

Benefits of Chair Massage

  1. reduces stress
  2. relieves pain, stiffness and discomfort
  3. increases mobility
  4. detoxifies your system
  5. promotes relaxation
  6. improves circulation
  7. mobile massage
  8. office massage
  9. mini massage anywhere
  10. portable massage chair
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The body massage therapist is a holistic massage therapist not a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT).