Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Look amazing, feel amazing and exude confidence with semi-permanent eyelash extensions!
Save time on your morning makeup routine.
Make your eyes POP!

What You Should Know About Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are all the rage to enhance and beautify your eyes.
There are many different types of lashes on the market today from the popular mink eyelash extensions to silk extensions to all types of synthetics, and most important of all, there are many different types of adhesives.

Here at L'Exquisite we use a medical grade adhesive and cruelty free faux mink eyelash extensions by Xtreme Lashes.

Semi-permanent eyelashes are single lashes that get applied by a lash stylist to your natural lashes. They look amazing but need maintenance every two to four weeks. That procedure is called re-lash or re-lashing. Some people refer to it as a lash refill.

The Classic look is generally speaking the trendiest look preferred by most people

There are many different styles of eyelash extensions available. They range from thick to thin and come in many different curls.
For the very daring glam seeking crowd you can get Russian Volume also referred to as 3D lash extensions which means several single lashes get applied to each natural lash for a really full, fanned-out look.
Nowadays there are many different colours of eyelash extensions available, as well as eyelash crystals.

How does it work?

Here at L'Exquisite it is a very relaxing enjoyable process that may take up to 90 minutes. You lie down on a comfortable bed with the massager on or off.  We assess your natural lashes and choose the proper thickness, length and curl combination that is right for you. Customizing the right lash extensions for each client is important to make sure that your natural lashes don't get damaged. You close your eyes and listen to calming spa music in a private setting while the lash stylist attaches the extensions to your natural lashes.
Keep in mind - if your natural lashes are short and fine, applying long thick lash extensions may cause damage to your natural lashes because they cannot handle the extra weight.

Xtreme Lash Extensions After Care

Our medical grade adhesive will be dry in three hours.
Basic makeup application and normal lifestyle can be resumed after three hours.
With our Xtreme Lash products it is important not to get your lashes wet for three hours after the application.

  • Avoid exposure to steam and excessive heat.
  • Do not go for Airbrush tanning.
  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Do not pull or pick on your lashes.
  • Do not wear mascara.
  • Avoid salt water and chlorine.
  • Only use an oil-free makeup remover and facial cleanser.

Brush your lashes every day with a mascara wand.
Apply the recommended products regularly.

Maintenance at home is very important to extend the life of your eyelash extensions

Keep in mind, lashes naturally grow in three stages, just like your hair. Your old natural lashes do fall out, so will the lash extensions that are attached to that lash. It also depends on your lifestyle and the care you give your lash extensions.
P.S. If your natural lashes are weak or damaged it is a good idea to give your own lashes a break every few months and use good products to nurture your lashes and encourage new growth.

How Much Does It Cost

The prices vary from salon to salon and usually depend on how many lash extensions get applied to each eye and so on.

Am I a good candidate for eyelash extensions

You are not a good candidate for eyelash extensions, if:

  • you have weak, damaged lashes.
  • you're allergic to nail polish.
  • you had recent eye surgery.
  • you have an eye infection.
  • you take medication that causes a hormone imbalance which may cause your natural eyelashes to be thin or fall out.

P.S. We do not offer Russian Volume lash extensions or coloured lash extensions.
We do not apply crystals at this point.


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