A Daily Skin Care Routine For Healthy Skin

No matter what your individual skin type or needs, we want to give you fast and beautiful results at any age.

If you start using L'Exquisite's system at an early age and you wear a sun block every day, you will be able to stay looking young for decades. If you are older, it's never too late to start. This system will rejuvenate your skin noticeably.

The skin is the body's largest organ.

It is designed to protect us. In return, you need to protect it.

A basic daily skin care routine is very beneficial to keep and maintain skin health, beauty and radiance. Our 3 glycolic acid (aha) products will bring visibly smoother, healthier skin in days.

What is a skin care routine all about?

A basic skin care routine should consist of 3 skin care products that literally should make your skin say thank you. These products should be used morning and night. Knowing your skin type is important in choosing the proper products. The wrong products will not give you the desired results. Be aware of the fact that diet, nutrition, stress, illness, hormones, medication, pollution and season changes affect your skin.

We recommend the following easy 3 step skin care regime.

  1. Lactic Acid Cleanser.
  2. L'Exquisite's Lactic Acid Toner.
  3. L'Exquisite's Collagen Cream Moisturizer with AHA.

Start with a gentle cleanser, preferably with aha. AHA is used in many skin care products and comes from sugar cane, lactic acid or sour milk. Within a relatively short period of time your skin will begin to look revitalized and rejuvenated and you'll notice less lines and wrinkles. Of course it's a good idea to always include your neck and hands since they need loving care as well. Our system will make aging skin is a thing of the past.

For your skin to look its absolute best, one cannot ignore the requirement of starting and ending your day with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer! This basic procedure should become as natural as brushing your teeth and can be accomplished in minutes by following these simple steps. You will definitely see a difference in just a few days.

A gentle cleanser with glycolic acid

Our glycolic acid cleanser is simple to use and highly effective. This cleanser helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and prepares your skin to more readily accept the moisturizer. It's a great shaving product and is well suited for male skin. The technologically advanced ph-adjusted glycolic cleansing lotion gently lifts away impurities without irritating the skin. The concentrated lotion lathers into a foam face wash, leaving the skin soft, clean and supple without any oily or drying residue. It's gentle enough to be used as an eye makeup remover. It's non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested. You'll love the results.

Here's how to use this very gentle cleanser:

Dampen the skin and fingertips with water. Place a drop of Advanced Glycolic Cleanser into the palm of your hand. Pat a bit of the Cleanser on a cotton pad to remove your eye makeup. Moisten a small facial sponge and gently massage your entire face and neck. Leave it on for a minute or more while you have your coffee. Rinse well with tepid water until all traces of the cleanser and make-up have been removed. Consider using the Cleanser as a Shaving Cream. Shave after massaging with the facial sponge. You'll notice a difference immediately! Not recommended for very dry, sensitive skin.

L'Exquisite's Lactic Acid Toner

Next you'll use L'Exquisite's Lactic Acid Toner to remove any left over residue and debris from the skin that may have remained. It leaves the skin feeling fresh, vital, healthy and dewy. Here's how to apply the Toner:

Apply L'Exquisite's Lactic Acid Toner with a cotton pad all over your face and neck. Pay special attention to the crevices around the nose and mouth. If you have an oily T-Zone, be sure to pay particular attention to the chin and forehead. Leave out the area around the eyes.

L'Exquisite's collagen cream with AHA

L'Exquisite's Collagen Performance Cream/Moisturizer is our most unique moisturizer for men, women and teens. It contains collagen, elastin and glycolic acid. The product will make your skin feel smooth almost immediately. Recommended for normal, and combination skin types. It is non-comedogenic, unscented, and non-greasy. Here's how to use it.

  • Apply moisturizer all over your face and neck.
  • Pat a bit around the eyes if you are not using an antiwrinkle eye product.
  • Apply the moisturizer in a circular, upward motion on your face and in an upward motion on your neck.

You can safely use the performance moisturizer morning and night since collagen and elastin are the network of fibers that make your skin firm and elastic. When these become disconnected your cells simply slow down and the skin starts to sag and wrinkle. When that happens, new skin cells won't grow as quickly as they should and dead cells won't shed as rapidly. The result is dull dehydrated, grayish looking skin. On older skin you'll notice the development of brown spots, also called age spots or sun damage, as pigment cells, or melanocytes begin to grow irregularly.

Enjoy the simplicity of our basic 3-step program

  1. AHA Cleanser
  2. Lactic Acid Toner
  3. AHA Moisturizer

If you want beautiful radiant skin, don't put it off any longer. Begin right NOW using the basics and start enjoying the drastic improvements your skin will experience in only a few weeks. You have nothing to lose but unattractive skin, but you have everything to gain including radiant, healthier and a more youthful skin.

ALWAYS remove your makeup before going to bed. It is important.

Skin Cells renew themselves while you sleep and clean skin breathes and rejuvenates itself as you rest. Our program is a wonderfully simple basic daily skin care regimen that produces fast results that anyone can achieve, plus it only takes a few minutes a day. Isn't your skin worth a few minutes of your time each day?

Where will the first signs of aging appear?

Did you know that the first signs of aging appear around the eyes which means the sooner you begin using an antiwrinkle eye cream the better. As a matter of fact, an anti-wrinkle eye product should be incorporated into your skin care system as early as age 25. The truth is, that it's never too early to start your program and the earlier you begin a maintenance program the better off your skin will be. Taking care of your skin pays off in benefits beyond what you can imagine and it pays off even more when you use the right skin care products for your skin type. Eye cream for dark circles.

Beneficial add-ons.

We do recommend adding an anti-wrinkle eye cream, and a sunblock.

When you're ready to add a few more delicious skin care products, consider one of the following: Exfoliation,
Hydrating Mask

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