BioCella breakthrough cosmeceutical skin care – Testimonial

November 8, 2004
I write this testimonial with such great pride and enthusiasm as I want to share my life changing experience using BioCella products. Having a parent who had acne problem there was no escaping for me not to have them as well. It started mild when I was a teen-ager and gradually became worse as I got older. Aside the acne, I also had Rosacea which caused my skin to be very red and sensitive. I have tried almost every acne products in the market, and I have also tried going to different dermatologists but nothing worked at all. Then finally, I came across BioCella and it is the only product that truly worked wonders for me. After using it for several weeks I’ve noticed drastic results right away. It was amazing! My acne is now treated and the redness on my face is very minimal. I am very lucky to have found BioCella, now I look in the mirror and see a more beautiful me and it gives me so much confidence to speak face to face with anyone. I strongly recommend BioCella to everyone and you will witness its magic!
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Sexy, gorgeous looking lips

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