Microblading eyebrows

Microblading is now available at L’Exquisite.

Many of you may remember that I used to do permanent makeup tattooing before it was even popular. Microblading has become a huge trend and is way more natural looking and less invasive than the regular style of tattooing that was done with a machine.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing. The pigment is implanted into your skin with a manual tool that has several little needles that create hairlike strokes. This technique gives your eyebrows a much more natural beautiful look.

Microblading is different from a regular eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup, although it falls into the same category.

You may know Microblading by another name.  It is sometimes referred to as “dermaplaning” or 3D Microblading.

What to Expect?

First we do a consultation. We draw in the brows  to make sure you like the shape and that the shape suits your face. We use topical numbing. You will feel a bit of discomfort during the procedure as we draw in the brows.

Then we implant the pigment that is best for your complexion. Keep in mind that the brows will look much darker for the first week or two and the skin will scab. Do not pick off the scabs as this can result in damaging your skin as well as the colour.

It will take about four weeks to see the true colour results.

To achieve the best results possible a touch-up should be done four to six weeks later.

Since this is only a semi-permanent procedure you will need a touch-up or colour boost every six to eight months to keep your brows looking fresh and beautiful or they will eventually fade away and disappear.

How do I learn more?

Check out our services page, under Microblading.

Beauty Gives Back – The Fight Against Cancer

We are a ‘feel good’ industry – colourful, sexy and fun. We use colour to make women look good and feel better every day, so no one knows more about how women feel about themselves than we do. We count over 95% of Canadian women as customers in their lifetime. And we cannot, and will not, abandon those same women when they are fighting for their lives against cancer.

THEREFORE, the mandate of BEAUTY GIVES BACK is clear, real and relevant: We dedicate ourselves to treating the emotional fallout from cancer. Using the sum total of our knowledge, experience, expertise and resources, we do what women trust and rely on us to do – to make them feel human again in the face of the ravages of cancer and its treatment. In doing so, we help restore their confidence, and the confidence of those around them, to continue fighting with conviction and living with dignity.

For a woman diagnosed with cancer, fear and uncertainty become constant companions. But the ravages of cancer treatment bring unexpected visitors – the pity of friends, the anxiety of loved ones, and the shock of passers by – all painted clearly on passing faces and experienced every moment of every day.

In this poignant and emotional film, we meet Dionne Warner, an 8-time cancer survivor and we metaphorically experience a bit of her struggle with the Cancer Blues – a term for the emotional distress caused by cancer and its treatment. Not only do we get a taste of how difficult it is for her to face the world everyday wearing her illness ‘on her sleeve’, but also how important it can be to gain back a bit of control through the techniques taught in the free workshops offered by the Look Good Feel Better program.

To find out more about Look Good Feel Better, click here.

Botox or Dysport?

By now everyone has heard of Botox and what it’s used for in the cosmetic industry.

In April of 2009 a new product called Dysport was approved by the FDA and is now
marketed by the same company who makes Restylane.

Although Dysport is new here in North America it has been used in Europe for a long time.
People ask a lot of questions and want to know the difference between the two.

Overall Botox and Dysport are very similar. Both are a type of toxin called botulinum type A
which is used to relax the muscles that cause frown lines on the forehead etc.

Dysport is a smaller-sized molecule so the units are measured a bit differently than Botox.
Dysport is a bit cheaper and supposedly gives results a bit faster, but maybe only by a day or two.

Both have been declared as safe and either one must be injected about every 3 -4 months.
As far as preference is concerned, it really depends on the injector which product they have
more experience with and which product they prefer to work with, but as far as results and
side effects are concerned, both are very similar and in the end Dysport may not be a whole
lot cheaper.


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Instantly Ageless is an Instant Success on The Doctors

With all of the online buzz generated by Instantly Ageless™, the medical professionals on the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show, The Doctors, decided to put the product to the test — and the results are beautiful!

You can view the “Miracle Cream Instantly Eliminates Under Eye Bags” show segment here.

On the show, board-certified dermatologist Sonia Batra, M.D., performs a live demo to minimize the appearance of the under eye bags on test subject, Esther. While doing so, Dr. Batra touts the effectiveness of Instantly Ageless key ingredients such as Argireline and mineral silicates, and explains the science behind how and why the product works.

The Doctors’ panel of medical professionals and audience members alike were impressed with the visible results. More importantly, Esther, like so many Instantly Ageless customers, was thrilled with her Instantly Ageless transformation! Upon viewing her results, Esther exclaimed, “Oh yeah!”

The Doctors is a daily, nationally syndicated series aired in over 200 markets, which is hosted by ER physician, Dr. Travis Stork, and plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert, Dr. Andrew Ordon. To wrap up the Instantly Ageless segment, Dr. Stork commented, “Sounds like there is some validity to this. Certainly, Esther, it worked on you.”

Try Instantly Ageless and see the results for yourself!



True Beauty Is Timeless

Ari Seth Cohen, photographer and self-proclaimed ’old lady expert’, appreciates ’advanced’ beauty.

He finds his models — elegant older ladies — on the streets of New York. The youngest of them is 59 and the oldest is 102 years old. They know that true beauty is timeless, and taste and style only get more sophisticated over the years.

These women don’t hide their age, don’t dye their gray hair or waste money on plastic surgery. They go through life with their heads held high, and it’s hard to look away.

Check out these amazing pictures

Hollywood Celebrities Love It

Try the hot new slimming wraps Hollywood celebrities LOVE.

It Works has now been invited twice to bring the amazing slimming sensation,
our Ultimate Body Applicator, to Hollywood!

We were featured in the exclusive Emmy Awards and Oscar Awards celebrity gift suites, where celebs visited with It Works to try the Applicator themselves-just in time for some last-minute slimming results before the award shows!

Who’s using them?

Hot Hollywood celebrities like:
Paula Abdul,
Tim Daly
Leeza Gibbons
just to name a few…and many more…

Take a look:

These body wraps are available at:
L’Exquisite Day Spa

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Want to look glamorous for the holidays?

If you are thinking of looking your best for the upcoming Holiday Season…
Start your Holiday Beauty Treatments NOW.

Remember – the treatments and the results will take a bit of time

Are you ready to look your absolute Best?

Here’s a list of options and treatments below.

Botox and Cosmetic Fillers
Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound
IPL photorejuvenation
Slimming Body Wraps & Cellulite Treatments

Each of the above mentioned beauty treatments and therapy
has it’s own article and information on the website.
Check them out at

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Cathy, the nurse will be here to do botox cosmetic
and injectable hyaluronic acid fillers.
She’s an awesome injector.

The dermal fillers we offer are natural Hyaluronic Acid
They include popular dermal fillers like:

They are a fantastic alternative to plastic surgery.

CALL US NOW to book your consultation
and botox cosmetic appointments.

Be a Perfect “10”

L’Exquisite Day Spa

Fall Fashion Trends & Extreme Beauty Makeover

Today I want to cover a bit of this year’s fall fashion trends

For women this means be bold, dress bold.
Dress in stunningly beautiful, edgy and even aggressive looking styles. Add more leather to your wardrobe such as a leather coat, dress, skirt or leather pants.

Another addition to your leather look are zippers and boots that come up over-the-knees. For people who love mini skirts, the boots can reach up to the bottom of the mini skirt. Add some metal to that style by adding some studded bags, gloves or pants to your wardrobe.

The animal prints have been a fashion trend for a long time and continue to be in style. Add a faux fur coat or a dress in an animal print. Among the outrageous look the plain white t-shirt is still in.

Men’s fashion trends don’t change as frequently or as dramatically as women’s styles. Men’s fashion for this fall include jackets in military styles, masculine suits, classy neckties and straight-cut jeans.

NEW – Detox Slimming Wraps – September Special
These first-to-market slimming patches are new in Canada. An all-natural product that allows you to target your trouble spots and lose fat inches within 45 minutes. They really WORK. They are easy to apply at home. Anyone can do it.

The Starter Kit is Only $99 in September
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Watch the how to videos

October 3 – Extreme Beauty Makeover at L’Exquisite
Join us at the spa for a day of beauty, rejuvenation and fun.
Get your Botox and fillers done just in time for the upcoming party season.
Cathy is a highly trained nurse who will be working at L’Exquisite on a regular basis. Consult her, ask questions and get the treatment done.

Here’s your chance to WIN one of the following
$100 OFF
Botox and Fillers
One FREE Detox Slimming Wrap

We will also have our Permanent Makeup technician and the Biofeedback specialist available as well as our chair massage therapist.

Featured Spa Package:
Signature Facial
Targeted Detox Slimming Wrap
Healthy Chocolate – Detox Trial Bag
$200 plus GST

Our newest services include:
Botox and Fillers
Nutrition Counceling
Permanent Makeup
Chair Massage

Be a Perfect “10”
L’Exquisite Day Spa

P.S. Check our Upcoming Events page regularly for updates


Spring 2009 Fashion Trends & More

It’s March – just one month left of winter – we’re nearly done. Spring is just around the corner and finally the days are getting a bit warmer. We have some great events and specials this month I want to share with you.

Here are the Spring 2009 Fashion Trends
The eye makeup is all about softness and femininity. Soft pastels are elegant, chic, and easy to wear with a touch of glimmer and shimmer. Brown-toned neutrals will most likely never to out of style. This season, neutrals are soft and milky, neither too bronze nor too gray, these neutrals are great for most complexions. Use sheer, lightweight blush in peach or pastel shades.

Choose a blush in a soft peach tone, rose or a pastel plum. Textures are sheer and lightweight, to ensure they appear that the glow is coming from within. Gone are and heavy browns. Spring makeup is lighter, healthier, and dewier in appearance.

Beautiful skin is always in style, but this Spring is all about making your skin look like it has barely been touched. It should look hydrated and glowing from within. Illuminating powder is perfect to highlight under the eyes which also helps to reduce the visibility of dark circles. Don’t forget to illuminate the neck line and shoulders.
Book a facial to get a head start on glowing skin.

Fabrics consist of tropical and exotic prints. Huge polka dots and parrot-like prints and metallic silver and gold is in as well as lemon yellows, neon oranges, chartreuse, fuschia and bright blues. Black and white are always a staple.

Look chic, sexy and stylish in a slouchy jumpsuits in a slinky jersey and metallics material, candy stripes or leopard prints. You can wear them from day to night. and short suits, frills and bows are in.

Short suits mean sexy hotpants with matching jackets. Harem pants and junky heels are in style. Hotpants, cropped pants with scarf belts as well as the 7/8th crop length trousers with floral prints are the look of the day or slinky wet-look leggings.

Jackets and baggy blazers are worn with rolled or pushed-up sleeves or kimono sleeves. You’ll see smart looking vest jackets vary from cropped to tunic length everywhere.

Sleek, sexy and sophisticated dresses in romantic french lace in pale green, peach, gray and oyster in shimmery, weightless fabrics are hot. Don’t get rid of your sexy black dress,instead, add a white maxi-lenth dress with ruffles to your wardrobe.

See-through materials are a big hit this Spring. If you want to be more conservative, wear a slip or tank top underneath.

You are invited to our Spring Mini Fashion Trade Show
with Women Who ExcelTuesday, March 31 at the Mandarin in Burlington. It’s open to the public for women and men.Please register for this event

We are planning a breast health clinic at the spa
and would appreciate your input. Probably everyone of us knows someone or has a friend who knows someone with breat cancer. If you are interested in joining us for this event please let us know which date would work best for you Thursday, March 26th or Wednesday, April 1st. Please let us know as soon as you can.

We now have Probiotic Chocolate.
Probiotic means “Fit For Life”
Check it out. http://www.mxicorp.com/products/xobiotic

You are invited to our Xocai, Healthy Chocolate meeting
Come and find out about the health benefits of this chocolateand why it is so different and unique from any other chocolate product on the market.

Date: Tuesday, March 10
Registration: 7 pm
Presentation: 7:30 pm
Location: Burlington Art Centre
1333 Lakeshore Rd at Brock
Burlington, ON L7S 1A9

We look forward to seeing you!
Have a great weekend.

Be a Perfect “10”


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Trendy Hair Extensions

Now that summer is over and everyone seems to be getting back in the groove of things, it feels like September is the new January. It’s like a New Year for a lot of people and businesses as they gear up for fall and get life back into a normal routine. For us it’s been busy and the time just seems to fly by. I never saw so much heavy rain in my entire life as we had this summer.

I thought just for fun, we should take a look at the hair extension trend.
Celebrities, stars and people everywhere have been using them for a long time already. The great thing about them is that you can have long hair in an instant.

What are they made of?
They vary from 100% real human hair to synthetic hair or a mixture of human, synthetic and animal hair.You can get them in just about any color, texture and length.

How do you apply them?
The hair extension gets applied to a small section of your own hair, then your hair gets criss-crossed over the extension, then the technician braids your hair together or bonds them together with a heated clamp which melts the solution around the hair. This is known as “heat sealing”. Don’t attempt to do this on your own or you’ll end up with an uneven hair length along with some damage to your own hair.

How long do hair extensions last?
They will last up to four months. After that the bonding will begin to loosen up and fall off. Hair extensions are fantastic for a short period of time or for a special occasion. It’s up to you how long you want to keep them, but many people I know found if they kept them in for longer periods of time, they did damage the natural hair especially if your own hair is fine.

How do you take care of those extensions?
They should be treated the same way as your natural hair, but they do wear out, especially as your hair grows. Even if you use top quality professional hair care products.

How should you remove them?
To prevent any extra damage to your own hair, it’s best to get them removed by a professional.

Disadvantages of hair extensions?
They can damage your natural hair. You will need to get the ends of your own hair cut off after the extensions are removed because the glue that’s been used to bond the extensions to your natural hair can burn your hair and the additonal weight of the extensions often cause your own hair to fall out. Some people get more headaches and some people feel more allergies. In any case, it’s fun to try something new, but discuss it with a pro before you venture out to do this.

My Suggestion? Try the new clip-in hair extensions.
They are funky, easy to use and versatile. They come in many colours and lengths, so just have fun with them.

We will be participating in Spa Week this year – October 13 – 19
Click here for more details
West Coast Dates – September 15 – 21
Mid West and East Coast Dates – October 13 – 19

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Ultimate Wellness And Inch Loss Spa Package
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Hollywood Secret Detox Body Wrap – Lose up to 15 inches in one hour
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