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Formulated by Christian Drapeau, a CANADIAN pioneer in stem cell technology.It took fifteen years to develop, and it is a WOW product.

Did you know? Stem cells don’t just get injected into our bodies, they already are in our blood, our bone marrow, our fat tissues and so on. This is something people don’t talk about.

The fact is, stem cells have an incredible potential for tissue repair.

Watch this video with Christian Drapeau to learn more. It is truly fascinating.

RevitaBlu by Jeunesse Rocks the World

RevitaBlū™ is a botanical blend of blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry and aloe vera with coconut water powder. It’s a refreshing drink mix that tastes as great as it works.

So what’s so good about RevitaBlu?

When we talk about stem cells, we often hear about injections to help alleviate a problem. What we don’t hear is the fact that we have stem cells circulating our bodies 24/7. At age 30 we have about 10 million stem cells circulating in our bodies. As we age that number decreases to about seven million stem cells.

The noticeable side effects?

All sorts of ailments start to show up in our 40s and it’s not getting any better as we age. We feel more muscle soreness, our bodies take longer to recover after a workout, many people suffer from pain, insomnia and so on.

Research shows that with RevitaBlu we have approximately an extra 2 million stem cells circulating in our body within 90 minutes of taking RevitaBlu. That means that problems are being taken care of as we continue to take RevitaBlu because it repairs the damage in the body and will stop issues before they can even start.

That is a WOW factor everyone should want to experience.

In addition to RevitaBlue our best selling product is called RESERVE.

Reserve is a powerful anti-inflammatory. After all, almost every disease starts with inflammation in the body.

Together they are a powerhouse.
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We are in over 140 countries by now. Not all products are available everywhere yet, but they will be in the near future.

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