Are you worried or anxious?

Are you, or someone you know anxious?
Are you worrying about things you cannot control?

Did you know know that recent research says that people who
have at least one panic attack increase the risk for heart attack,
stroke and an untimely death?

You can stop these disorders with a short relieving session by
just listening to sounds and music.

These therapies can be found for FREE in

Free online therapies for mental health.
These therapies use the technology of brainwave entrainment
and binaural beats.

Click on the link below to check it out:


Be a Perfect “10”
Shanette Seipt
Nominated Entrepreneur of the year

L’Exquisite Day Spa

Author: Shanette Seipt

Shanette Seipt opened L'Exquisite in 1984 as a single mother with a dream to succeed. She specializes in facial rejuvenation, skin care, anti-aging treatments, health and wellness. Her focus and passion is to build global partnerships, to motivate and inspire people to dream big, to step out of the comfort zone and to succeed.

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