6 Common Causes of Weight Gain

Today, obesity, or at the very least an overweight condition,
is a problem for the majority of people, including kids.

The risks associated with obesity and weight gain have
long been established by the medical community. When
you have too much fat in your body, it causes problems
with your heart. Every extra pound of fat demands miles
of blood vessels to supply and support it, causing your
heart to work harder, and ultimately shortening your
life expectancy. Other health risks that increase with
excess fat include strokes due to high blood pressure,
diabetes, and even cancer rates.
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Shanette Seipt
Nominated Entrepreneur of the year 2009

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Author: Shanette Seipt

Shanette Seipt opened L'Exquisite in 1984 as a single mother with a dream to succeed. She specializes in facial rejuvenation, skin care, anti-aging treatments, health and wellness. Her focus and passion is to build global partnerships, to motivate and inspire people to dream big, to step out of the comfort zone and to succeed.

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