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Ok, so let’s take a closer look at the Infinite Web Income program and Business Opportunity. Today, we are going to outline the program and give some insight. In this post we are taking a look at what was presented to us. As time goes on we’ll move on to more details of this program. We look forward to your comments, so feel free to post any questions or comments…

Let’s look at our motto:
“No Limit Web Income or Infinite Web Income is here to help you create an Extremely Profitable Internet Business and live the lifestyle of your dreams…Starting Right Now!”.

That essentially sums it up. We are going to get you started in your own Internet Business, help you bring your existing business online, or both. Infinite Web Income offers all of our members access to our Ultimate Marketing Resource Library, plus a Unique and Lucrative Business Opportunity like no other.

What is he Ultimate Marketing Resource Library?
The Ultimate Marketing Resource Library provides the resources, tools and training to create your own successful internet business. Already have a business? Our resource library will help you bring that business online and succeed…You can use the resources available to supplement your existing business or create a new Internet Business.

There are 4 levels of membership around the 4 most important areas of Internet Marketing:

List Building – Creating your own list of targeted prospects and build rapport
Training and Support – Learning how to build the l, earn from that list, build your business and more
Products – Once you have prospects, you need products to market or make available to that list
Tools – You need the tools, resources and software to run and manage your business.

Our 4 membership options help you with all of the aspects outlined above.

FREE Affiliate Membership – provides you with the ability to build a list of Business Opportunities while providing the opportunity to earn a revenue from this list

Silver Membership – Gives you access to our huge training library covering areas including Internet Marketing, Business, Technology and Motivation/Mindset. It’s delivered to you through Audio, Video and Electronic Media, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. It’s essential for success in any Business (online or offline).

Gold Membership – Provides access to one of the largest libraries of digital Resell Rights and Private Label products available on the Internet. Gold (and Platinum) Members can use these products for their own use or even better, sell any one of these products and earn 100% commission. We currently have over 1,000 different products to choose from, and we will be adding new products each and every month.

Platinum Membership – This is our premium business membership – This is the ultimate Business in a box…

You receive everything available in the above memberships, PLUS all the tools necessary to run a successful online business.

The Platinum Membership includes:
Hosting Account with pre-installed blogging software
Product and Affiliate Management Software
Unlimited use Autoresponder
Branded Give Away resources
Premium/Master Resell Rights Products

The above mentioned tools are just some of the many tools available to the Platinum Member

The following list describes our ongoing training and support to our members.
Webinars – You get access to the recorded webinars which currently consist of:

List Building Seminar
Monetize Your List Seminar
IWI Autoresponder Overview
Twitter-Promo Tool
Resale Rights Products
Working With Surveyed Leads
Infinite Web Income (IWI) Profit Model & Twitter Promo Launch
Seminars and Conferences with Industry leaders

Visit for a complete list of features and benefits of our membership options.

FYI, all members, whether free or paid, are able to participate in our Business Opportunity Affiliate/Reseller program and earn a substantial income.

The Business Opportunity…
This Lucrative Business Opportunity allows all of our members the ability to earn a Substantial Income just by referring someone to one of our membership programs.

Our Unique Compensation Plan allows you, as a member, to earn from your efforts and the efforts of others… month after month.

Infinite Web Income pays out a whopping 75% in upfront commissions alone, PLUS a monthly residual income up to 50%.

For our Platinum members, that translates into $1,500 plus $50.00 per month for every Platinum Member you refer.

All members have access to a ton of marketing material to help you sell the Infinite Web Income Memberships and earn an income, including:

Your own personalized lead capture page
Get people to sign-up by giving away a free membership and free resources we make available
We have a number of free resources that are branded with each members Infinite Web Income Affiliate code. These resources provide valuable information and each member has the right to give these away.
These resources will drive traffic to your personalized lead capture page and ultimately create sales

Tell-a-Friend script which will soon be available in the Back Office Promotional tools. This is a quick and easy way to let your friends know about your business and get them setup with their own free or paid membership.

Twitter-Promo tool – For those of you who know what Twitter is, you know that it is the next big Social Media tool like Facebook, Myspace and youTube. If you don’t know anything about these sites, you will learn how powerful this tool can be for your business. We have developed this tool to allow you to “Virally” send your Branded resources to people using twitter.
Use the promo-twitter tool to give away one of the Free Resources to someone in exchange for putting a link on their Twitter Page to your Twitter-Promo page.

You can test it, just click on the following link

You will have access and learn more about this powerful tool in the Back Office
There are:
Pre-Written Ads
Pre-written emails
and much more
And there is so much more with Infinite Web Income…

Join us by clicking on the link below

Learn with us as we dive deep into the program and show you how you can use the program to start yourself on the road to independence and freedom.

You wont need to worry much longer about your job and finances.

We will provide you everything you need to create a long term sustainable business. If you are committed to succeed, you will succeed.

And best of all, we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have not already done so, go here and sign-up to receive the information necessary to get your Free Infinite Web Income Affiliate Membership, and then check back here or attend one of our webinars to get more information and to get your questions answered.

To Your Success,
Shanette Seipt

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