Relax and nurture yourself one breath at a time

Do you nurture yourself with a few moments of daily quiet time? Life often feels like a whirlwind of events that keeps us constantly moving, doing, attending and addressing.This hectic pace leads to energy depletion, exhaustion and sometimes, illness. Many of us re-boot the body by exercising or jumping on the couch to relax and watch TV. Although it feels good, these activities do not help us to release the internal dialogue that preoccupies our mind and drains our whole being. That inner stillness requires our intention, attention, acceptance and presence.

How would you feel about introducing meditation in your life?

These days we hear about so many ways of seeking stillness and peace of mind, but how do we integrate it in our lives? One way is to begin by paying attention to breath. For a moment, place one hand on the upper chest and the other on the lower belly. Take a few normal breaths in and out of the nose. Just observe. Can you feel where your breath begins and ends? What happens to your body and mind after simply taking 10 intentional breaths? Most will percieve a calming sensation while others may feel anxious or experience their physical pain sensations. When our world stops, the body is quick to let us know what’s happening inside. When we give ourselves permission to simply notice what happens to the mind and body centred in breath awareness, the healing process begins.

Intention is key to living with conscious awareness. To establish a daily meditation, first the intent to commit time and energy for sacred space is required. Next is to set resonable objectives. What time of day would suit your lifestyle to support a regular practice? Where in the house do you feel safe to relax and let go? How long can you choose stillness…ten minutes, 20 minutes, more? What style of meditation works for you? There are many styles to explore. Approaches which focus on breath awareness by walking , listening to sounds, chanting a mantra, using a visualization cue, or surrendering the self in a guided relaxation…are all valid. What matters most, is to do what feels right for you.

The breath reminds you to pay attention to what you feel in the present moment. It invites you to watch yourself as you focus or concentrate on aligning all aspects of yourself to break free of the mind’s incessant chatter. The commitment to establishing a sustained, regular practice of meditation may challenge many, but everyday is a new day. The slate is clean and the opportunity to affirm a new intention to meditate exists. The practice is one of surrender, so why indulge in excuses? Just be with yourself in a state of awareness, everyday. At one point an internal shift takes place. Being with yourself is no longer met with resistance, it is an act that releases joy and refreshes. So why not offer your whole being the natural health nurturing “sounds of silence”? There’s only ego to lose and oneness with all to gain!

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