How To Relax Tips & Happy Holidays

The Holiday Season is often stressful. I want to share a few tips you can use to help you relax.

Time is a constant and always remains the same. What changes are our expectations of how much we can accomplish in that same old time. It’s scientifically proven that stress can lead to sickness and that relaxation will soothe the soul and help you cope.

Progressively tense each muscle, hold it for five seconds then release.
Soak in a tub, add some epsom salts, light some candles and enjoy.
Think of something funny that makes you laugh.
Turn off your electronics.
Enjoy the quiet.
Cover your eyes with an eye pillow.
Listen to music.
Play a game.
Take a five-minute break to clear your mind and breathe.
Play with your pet.
Go for a walk or a bike ride.
Drink a cup of hot tea or drink something cold.
Hug someone.Dance.
Mono-task, as opposed to multi-tasking.
Smell a soothing scent.
Citrus or Lavender is very popular.
Indulge in a massage.
Light a candle and watch the flame flicker.
Clear off your desk or clean out the drawers of your dresser.
De-cluttering is also de-stressing.
Write in a diary.
Talk to a friend.
Learn to meditate.
Turn off your phone.
Strive to take deep breaths to reach the tight spaces of your body – try to feel your breathing in your lower back and your shoulders.
Exercise every day to reduce the stress hormone.

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Be Well, Merry Christmas, Happy Celebrations whatever it is that you celebrate!

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