Holiday Beauty And A Bit About Men

The newest trend for brunette hair is the Mahogany Glam

Looking to complement the plum cocktail dresses and silky mauve evening gowns that trekked down New York runways for fall 2008, you can now invigorate your hair with subtle burgundy glazes and soft hints of violet. The primary tone is is red-brown mahogany, the secondary tone is violet. It’s ideal for light to medium brunettes.

The blacker than black glamour has gone by the wayside and even beyond goth. The neutral or cool black tints are getting more attention now than ever before. So before you decide to colour your hair really black, remember that you wont be able to go blonde for at least two years. The less drastic the change, the less stress on your hair. Be realistic about your hair colour, assess your skin and eye colour to make sure that you’ll suit it.

Looking for a versatile, extra-special hair style?
Why not go for the Hollywood solution and use the beauty of clip-in hair extensions. The possibilities are endless. I wrote an article about them a little while ago. They can add a touch of colour and do wonders for your look or create an illusion of density. Let your hairdresser put in some clip-ons to get an instant ponytail or an elaborate updo.

Let’s have some fun and be informed – lets talk about men and manthropology…

Heteropolitan is the newest term for the ordinary man who knows how to dress but enjoys to be very manly. He’s neither a beer drinker obsessed with hockey and cigars, nor does he like to be over moisturized. The heteropolitan enjoys both the bars and the spas and drives a car that strikes a balance between power and practicality which is a car that has the power of a sports car with the comfort of a family car.

Metrosexual males are passionate about themselves. They usually know the difference between an exfoliant and a toner, find it cool to get regular manicures and pedicures. They go to the gym regularly, know the trends and find shopping a must.

The Urban male wants to stand out from the crowd and wants to be noticed when he walks into a room. These guys love sports and gadgets, they like all the newest, trendiest and hippest things. They love to hang out with their friends, both male and female and live an unpredictable life. They are modern and progressive. They want to define their own style and are not interested in following the mainstream.

The short story is, men love spa services and skin care products too.
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so you can escape in colour.

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