Detox your body with an ION body cleanse


I hope you are all well and enjoy life.

Have your heard anything in the news about an ION body cleanse? It’s an amazing spa treatment everyone must try. We recently added it to our spa menu.

I was on a two week internal cleansing as I was getting ready for a physical and a series of blood tests. I felt good, but my hands were swollen and I couldn’t get rid of that swelling. My rings didn’t fit me anymore and I love to wear rings.

Anyway, my friend persuaded me to try this ION body cleanse. I felt a bit lighter after the 30 minutes of soaking my feet, but there was no evidence of anything happening other than the fact that the water looked gross.
The next day however, all the swelling in my hands had gone and my rings fit me again. WOW, I was amazed and immediately decided to offer those treatments to my clients.

It’s simply a very relaxing, painless, non-threatening procedure that induces the human body to eliminate unhealthy toxins at an accelerated rate.

You soak your feet for 30 minutes and just relax in the ION cleanse foot spa which is filled with warm water and salt. An array gets placed in the water which creates an electromagnetic field in the foot spa which allows for a process called “osmosis” to occur.

The little wrist band gets attached to the computer and the client’s wrist while an array gets placed in the water. They create a high concentration of charged ions, allowing the body to re-activate and re-charge the positively charged (unbalanced) cells in the body while this specially designed spa stimulates the 2000 plus sweat glands located in each foot. This provides a channel for the toxins to be pulled from the body and desposited into the water.

It’s amazing to watch the water change colour.
A chart provides details as to where the toxins came from in your body.

Individuals will feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well being after each ion cleanse treatment.

It will promote wellness benefits such as:
purges the body of heavy metals
relieves joint pain
relieves arthritic pain
relieves menstrual symptoms
relieves headaches
reduces stress
increases energy
cleanses kidneys and liver
enhances the immune system
improves blood circulation
assists in weight loss
slows down aging
improves body flexibility
promtes drainage of the lymphatic system
improves libido
improves skin conditions such as acne and wrinkles

The long term benefits from continued ION body cleansing can be very dramatic.

How often can you do one?
We recommend one a week for 10 weeks.
After that just do one treatment a month.

See our ION Body Cleanse web page for more information.

Happy spa-ing,