A new approach to skin beauty

Here are the latest revelations from scientific
dermatological research done in Italy.

They discovered that the skin is provided with an intelligence of its own.
If adequately stimulated, this cutaneous intelligence generates a state
of equilibrium in which the skin protects itself in order to remain healthy
and beautiful over time.

Nourishment of the skin happens with targeted, highly technological and
specific cosmeceutical or nutriceutical ingredients to awaken and re-balance
the skin to a state of well-being.

These ingredients can still come from natural sources.

Did you know that about 98% of skin care products available on the market
today only work on the surface of the skin?
Yes, that includes even expensive products that are widely available.

As a professional skin care specialist, my main focus in today’s skin beauty is
to change the structure of the skin which means our products are designed to
work in the deeper cellular level.

So many people of all ages don’t use any skin care products.

Why do you need a daily skin care routine?

A basic skin care routine should consist of at least 3 skin care products
that should literally make your skin say thank you. These products should
be used morning and night. Knowing your skin type is important in
choosing the proper products. The wrong products will not give you
the desired results.

This also applies to men’s skin.

Be aware of the fact that diet, nutrition, stress, illness, hormones,
medication, pollution and season changes affect your skin.

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Be smart about sun protection.
Wear a
every day. Most damage happens while you’re out for
short periods of time without protection.

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