Health and Beauty for HIM ,,,

…brings me to the Laser Hair Removal Trend For Men

More and more men are seeking smooth skin. They are interested in removing unwanted, embarrassing hair from the back, neck, chest or stomach without experiencing skin irritations due to ingrown hair, razor burns, bumps, nicks and cuts.
Men of all ages like to be hair free. More and more guys are going to the spa for waxing or laser. Many of them feel more comfortable if the girlfriend accompanies them. So ladies, make yourself available to be there “with” him at least for the first treatment.

To make men more comfortable to go for these services, there are now new terminologies for these services.

A chest wax is now called a “boxer’s wax”
A back wax is referred to as “swimmer’s wax”
A leg wax is now called a “cyclists wax”
And last but not least, a male bikini wax is called “the suit wax”

Nowadays, a hairless male body is a sign of confidence and good hygiene.
Check out a spa near YOU that offers laser hair removal.