A 16 year plagued with Acne needs our help

Let’s help this boy! Here’s what he wrote:

Hey everyone who reads this letter.

My name is Shakib and I live in USA , Louisville Ky. I am 16 years old and I am from Afghanistan.

I came to USA like a refugee and I live here only 1 year,4 monthes. I don’t have my father with me because, I have lost him in the war time in Afghanistan. I have 2 brother and 4 sisters. I have a lot of acne on my face and I hate it.Every time when I am watching my face oin mirror I feel like I am about to cry. My mom is the only one person who is working in my family and I don’t ask her for money to buy for me cream for acne because she don’t even make enaugh to pay for all the bills. I heard a lot about the creams and everything else you all make but I can’t have them because, in my family we don’t have enaugh money for everything. I want you all to”Please” send me like a gift a cream for acne, because I need it very much. If you all do that I will be very happy that I am in USA.

Ahmad Shakib Wali

501 East Liberty St.Apt.211

Louisville, Ky 40202

Tel: (502) 749-3706

or (502) 500-6676

Author: Shanette Seipt

Shanette Seipt opened L'Exquisite in 1984 as a single mother with a dream to succeed. She specializes in facial rejuvenation, skin care, anti-aging treatments, health and wellness. Her focus and passion is to build global partnerships, to motivate and inspire people to dream big, to step out of the comfort zone and to succeed.

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