A 16 year plagued with Acne needs our help

Let’s help this boy! Here’s what he wrote:

Hey everyone who reads this letter.

My name is Shakib and I live in USA , Louisville Ky. I am 16 years old and I am from Afghanistan.

I came to USA like a refugee and I live here only 1 year,4 monthes. I don’t have my father with me because, I have lost him in the war time in Afghanistan. I have 2 brother and 4 sisters. I have a lot of acne on my face and I hate it.Every time when I am watching my face oin mirror I feel like I am about to cry. My mom is the only one person who is working in my family and I don’t ask her for money to buy for me cream for acne because she don’t even make enaugh to pay for all the bills. I heard a lot about the creams and everything else you all make but I can’t have them because, in my family we don’t have enaugh money for everything. I want you all to”Please” send me like a gift a cream for acne, because I need it very much. If you all do that I will be very happy that I am in USA.

Ahmad Shakib Wali

501 East Liberty St.Apt.211

Louisville, Ky 40202

Tel: (502) 749-3706

or (502) 500-6676

Join Spa’s Fundraiser "Helping Hands" Tsunami Relief

“Helping Hands”

L’Exquisite Inc Esthetics, Nails, Spa

Announces Program to Raise Funds for Tsunami Relief


January 11, 2005

Oakville, ON

As the death toll continues to climb, and reports on the devastation of the Tsunami disaster dominate the news reports, one overwhelming positive element is also evident – the desire of so many to offer assistance, and the commitment of our community to join together.

Leading Spas of Canada has launched a national program encouraging spas all across the country to participate in a fundraising initiative entitled “Helping Hands”In Oakville,Ontario, L’Exquisite Inc Esthetics, Nails, Spa has joined hands with other spas nationally to raise funds in our community.

On Thursday, January 27th, 2005, L’Exquisite will be donating 20% of the day’s revenues to World Vision.

Everyone in the community is encouraged to contact L’Exquisite to take advantage of this unique opportunity to treat your body while feeding your soul by contributing to the Tsunami relief efforts of World Vision.


Please call 905-827-2222 to book an appointment or to buy a product.





We also offer spa packages and Gift Certificates


We’ll be open from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. for Helping Hands on

Thursday, January 27th, 2005.

Please help us make a difference!


L’Exquisite Inc

Esthetics, Nails, Spa


email: info@lexquisite.ca

1131 Nottinghill Gate Place

Unit 203 (2nd floor)

Oakville, ON,

L6M 1K5



If your spa wants to join this Fundraiser please contact

Julie Apedoe

Leading Spas of Canada

Telephone: 1.800.704.6393


Website: http://www.leadingspasofcanada.com