Beauty Tips for the glamorous holiday season

“Nude” make-up doesn’t mean a washed-out, pale, matte look.

Nowadays it means products should produce a look that’s glowing, fresh, healthy and natural. Products with pink or brown undertones work well.

Bronzing products work well. Find one that is suitable for all skin tones without turning orange.

Especially powder bronzers give a smooth, glowing look that is classified as “nude” make-up.

To create a WOW look, enhance your bronze look with an orange,

tangerine or peach lipstick, blush or eyeshadow.

Add some subtle gold glitter to your hair, eyelids, lips or shoulders for a bedazzled look.

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Coco Chanel observed that “fashion fades, but style remains.”

Some women are so conscious of what’s in fashion they neglect their personal style. Other women couldn’t care less what’s in fashion, but find themselves stuck in a “style rut.” If you’ve been looking for a happy medium, you’ll enjoy this month’s feature article, Style is Forever. It’s a look at bridging the gap between this season’s (or any season’s) biggest fashions and your personal style.

Author: Shanette Seipt

Shanette Seipt opened L'Exquisite in 1984 as a single mother with a dream to succeed. She specializes in facial rejuvenation, skin care, anti-aging treatments, health and wellness. Her focus and passion is to build global partnerships, to motivate and inspire people to dream big, to step out of the comfort zone and to succeed.

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