Microblading eyebrows

Microblading is now available at L’Exquisite.

Many of you may remember that I used to do permanent makeup tattooing before it was even popular. Microblading has become a huge trend and is way more natural looking and less invasive than the regular style of tattooing that was done with a machine.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing. The pigment is implanted into your skin with a manual tool that has several little needles that create hairlike strokes. This technique gives your eyebrows a much more natural beautiful look.

Microblading is different from a regular eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup, although it falls into the same category.

You may know Microblading by another name.  It is sometimes referred to as “dermaplaning” or 3D Microblading.

What to Expect?

First we do a consultation. We draw in the brows  to make sure you like the shape and that the shape suits your face. We use topical numbing. You will feel a bit of discomfort during the procedure as we draw in the brows.

Then we implant the pigment that is best for your complexion. Keep in mind that the brows will look much darker for the first week or two and the skin will scab. Do not pick off the scabs as this can result in damaging your skin as well as the colour.

It will take about four weeks to see the true colour results.

To achieve the best results possible a touch-up should be done four to six weeks later.

Since this is only a semi-permanent procedure you will need a touch-up or colour boost every six to eight months to keep your brows looking fresh and beautiful or they will eventually fade away and disappear.

How do I learn more?

Check out our services page, under Microblading.

“Who Else Wants To Achieve Success Most People Only Dream Of?”

“Who Else Wants To Take A Dramatic Shortcut To Achieving A Level Of Wealth & Freedom In Your Life That Most People Only Dream Of?”

One of the hands-down fastest ways to achieving success in the Network Marketing and Home-Based Business industry is to partner with a successful leader that can help you build your new business to success. By “successful leader”, I DO NOT mean the person who earns the most money, drives the nicest car, or has the largest organization.

I mean the person who has a proven plan in place to help you get your new business in front of interested prospects, and then convert those prospects into paying customers and/or new team members in your organization. After all, that’s how YOU get paid! Yet all too often I hear horror stories from well-meaning entrepreneurs who started a new business, only to discover that the only advice their Sponsor had to share with them was to, “Make out a list of your friends & family and invite them to a local meeting, or give them some samples of the product.” Not only can this be incredibly time-consuming (and often downright embarrassing!)… But what do you do after you’ve approached everyone you already know? This is where most Sponsors give their team members even more bad advice, like encouraging you to cold call, approach random strangers at the mall, and more. If that sounds like your experience so far, breathe a sigh of relief…

Because the truth is there are 10’s of thousands of interested prospects out there searching for a network marketing or home-based business opportunity right now. And if you know how to get in front of these qualified prospects, building your business becomes as easy & routine as sending a few simple emails. Your business becomes fun & rewarding, and you experience success where before, you only met with failure & rejection. And I want you to experience the joy and excitement that comes from this being a reality in your life! The fastest way to to do that is for you to partner with me in my business and LEVERAGE my skills and experience as we work together hand-in-hand to take your new business from zero to bringing in real money. You see, I’ve spent countless hours learning powerful marketing strategies that we can immediately apply in your new business to generate a steady stream of “Ready-to-Buy” and “Ready-to-Join” prospects at the speed of the internet.

So when you partner with me, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your dreams and goals are finally within your grasp — possibly for the first time. But as you can understand, I can’t help everyone. I’m looking for hungry entrepreneurs that are coachable so you too can start to create a full-time income working from home.

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Instantly Ageless is an Instant Success on The Doctors

With all of the online buzz generated by Instantly Ageless™, the medical professionals on the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show, The Doctors, decided to put the product to the test — and the results are beautiful!

You can view the “Miracle Cream Instantly Eliminates Under Eye Bags” show segment here.

On the show, board-certified dermatologist Sonia Batra, M.D., performs a live demo to minimize the appearance of the under eye bags on test subject, Esther. While doing so, Dr. Batra touts the effectiveness of Instantly Ageless key ingredients such as Argireline and mineral silicates, and explains the science behind how and why the product works.

The Doctors’ panel of medical professionals and audience members alike were impressed with the visible results. More importantly, Esther, like so many Instantly Ageless customers, was thrilled with her Instantly Ageless transformation! Upon viewing her results, Esther exclaimed, “Oh yeah!”

The Doctors is a daily, nationally syndicated series aired in over 200 markets, which is hosted by ER physician, Dr. Travis Stork, and plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert, Dr. Andrew Ordon. To wrap up the Instantly Ageless segment, Dr. Stork commented, “Sounds like there is some validity to this. Certainly, Esther, it worked on you.”

Try Instantly Ageless and see the results for yourself!



Request a FREE Sample – Luminesce Serum

http://bit.ly/1X24d1Uhe cellular rejuvenation serum is made with stem cell technology, and was originally formulated for burn victims. It has over 250 growth factors and literally causes new cells to grow. It super-charges cell renewal and is a key part of the Luminesce skin care line.

Use it twice daily after cleansing and as a primer to our daily moisturizing complex or advanced night repair.

Click here to order the free sample.

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Improve Health and Wellness with RevitaBlu

Formulated by Christian Drapeau, a CANADIAN pioneer in stem cell technology.It took fifteen years to develop, and it is a WOW product.

Did you know? Stem cells don’t just get injected into our bodies, they already are in our blood, our bone marrow, our fat tissues and so on. This is something people don’t talk about.

The fact is, stem cells have an incredible potential for tissue repair.

Watch this video with Christian Drapeau to learn more. It is truly fascinating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCp0WEwqEpw

RevitaBlu by Jeunesse Rocks the World

RevitaBlū™ is a botanical blend of blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry and aloe vera with coconut water powder. It’s a refreshing drink mix that tastes as great as it works.

So what’s so good about RevitaBlu?

When we talk about stem cells, we often hear about injections to help alleviate a problem. What we don’t hear is the fact that we have stem cells circulating our bodies 24/7. At age 30 we have about 10 million stem cells circulating in our bodies. As we age that number decreases to about seven million stem cells.

The noticeable side effects?

All sorts of ailments start to show up in our 40s and it’s not getting any better as we age. We feel more muscle soreness, our bodies take longer to recover after a workout, many people suffer from pain, insomnia and so on.

Research shows that with RevitaBlu we have approximately an extra 2 million stem cells circulating in our body within 90 minutes of taking RevitaBlu. That means that problems are being taken care of as we continue to take RevitaBlu because it repairs the damage in the body and will stop issues before they can even start.

That is a WOW factor everyone should want to experience.

In addition to RevitaBlue our best selling product is called RESERVE.

Reserve is a powerful anti-inflammatory. After all, almost every disease starts with inflammation in the body.

Together they are a powerhouse.
Visit my website for more information.

We are in over 140 countries by now. Not all products are available everywhere yet, but they will be in the near future.

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Beauty Gives Back – The Fight Against Cancer

We are a ‘feel good’ industry – colourful, sexy and fun. We use colour to make women look good and feel better every day, so no one knows more about how women feel about themselves than we do. We count over 95% of Canadian women as customers in their lifetime. And we cannot, and will not, abandon those same women when they are fighting for their lives against cancer.

THEREFORE, the mandate of BEAUTY GIVES BACK is clear, real and relevant: We dedicate ourselves to treating the emotional fallout from cancer. Using the sum total of our knowledge, experience, expertise and resources, we do what women trust and rely on us to do – to make them feel human again in the face of the ravages of cancer and its treatment. In doing so, we help restore their confidence, and the confidence of those around them, to continue fighting with conviction and living with dignity.

For a woman diagnosed with cancer, fear and uncertainty become constant companions. But the ravages of cancer treatment bring unexpected visitors – the pity of friends, the anxiety of loved ones, and the shock of passers by – all painted clearly on passing faces and experienced every moment of every day.

In this poignant and emotional film, we meet Dionne Warner, an 8-time cancer survivor and we metaphorically experience a bit of her struggle with the Cancer Blues – a term for the emotional distress caused by cancer and its treatment. Not only do we get a taste of how difficult it is for her to face the world everyday wearing her illness ‘on her sleeve’, but also how important it can be to gain back a bit of control through the techniques taught in the free workshops offered by the Look Good Feel Better program.

To find out more about Look Good Feel Better, click here.

TA-65 – a Huge Buzz in the Anti-Aging, Health & Wellness Industry

Studies have shown that Telomerase is an important enzyme that can lengthen Telomeres.

Telomeres are found at the end of our chromosomes that look like little shoelaces. The function of the telomeres is to protect vital information in our DNA which is in every human cell, and our cells duplicate themselves for as long as we live.

Thousands of studies have shown that the Telomeres shorten as we age.  There are more than ten thousand scientific articles about the Telomerase enzyme. Telomeres are important to our health and how we age.  Short Telomeres are directly linked to our lifespan.

Is It Really Possible To Reverse The Aging Process And Produce Younger Cells by Lengthening the Telomeres With TA-65?

In 2009 the three scientists who discovered this enzyme called Telomerase won the Nobel Prize.
TA-65 has been in use since 2005.

Years ago, the doctors who offered anti-aging treatments with TA-65 used to charge $20,000 plus for it. Later on the price came down a lot as more and more people became aware of its anti-aging benefits, and started using it.

Could This Pill Hold The Key To Anti-Aging?
Watch the video

What Does It Do?
Suzanne Somers calls it a Fountain Of Youth
It Builds our Immune System
It Extends the Life of our DNA
It contains the enzyme Telomerase
It protects the Telomeres and appears to reverse the shortening and aging of the Telomeres
It Improves Vision
It Improves the Sex Drive in Men
and more…

The good news is that today, we can turn back the clock of aging for a much more affordable price.

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Botox or Dysport?

By now everyone has heard of Botox and what it’s used for in the cosmetic industry.

In April of 2009 a new product called Dysport was approved by the FDA and is now
marketed by the same company who makes Restylane.

Although Dysport is new here in North America it has been used in Europe for a long time.
People ask a lot of questions and want to know the difference between the two.

Overall Botox and Dysport are very similar. Both are a type of toxin called botulinum type A
which is used to relax the muscles that cause frown lines on the forehead etc.

Dysport is a smaller-sized molecule so the units are measured a bit differently than Botox.
Dysport is a bit cheaper and supposedly gives results a bit faster, but maybe only by a day or two.

Both have been declared as safe and either one must be injected about every 3 -4 months.
As far as preference is concerned, it really depends on the injector which product they have
more experience with and which product they prefer to work with, but as far as results and
side effects are concerned, both are very similar and in the end Dysport may not be a whole
lot cheaper.


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Make Your Dreams Your Reality

Ideas and dreams are wonderful, but keep in mind that they start with opportunities which are a matter of your choice. It’s not something you wait for, it’s something you must actively pursue.

Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities, instead, seize common occasions and make them great. Opportunity can come disguised in the form of misfortune, or a temporary defeat or setback.

Start today, right where you are, and remember, golden opportunities are all around you. Just keep an open mind.

You can live a great dream, but what separates the dreamers from the achievers is the courage to take a step out of your comfort zone. Don’t just think about living a new life, start living it, start doing something different towards that dream. Take the first step and don’t quit when it gets hard.

Most people fail because they never get started. Oftentimes it’s fear that holds you back, whether it’s conscious or subconscious. One way of defeating fear is to go and do what scares you the most, and each time you take one of those steps it will get easier and all of a sudden you will realize that you can do what you thought was impossible.

You’ll see new door opening for you.
The worst you can do to yourself is to not even try.

Why Not Combine Health and Wealth?

Did you ever consider that having your own business allows you to set your own goals and work on your own schedule?

Sharing productss you love and the ability to make more money can give you inspiration and some serious perks!

Goals and ambition is what drives and motivates us, but we need to ask ourselves what it is that we want in life in order to feel truly accomplished. Your list of goals should consist of all the items that that you feel are necessary to truly respect yourself. It can be financial stability, a place you can call your own, starting your family, being independent, buying a new car, renovating our home, putting your kid through University, etc. Whatever it is that is important to you. Every one of us has a different criteria when it comes to goals, and this list in particular is every-growing. It changes as you mature, but it always feels great when you can cross something off that you have accomplished. Without such a list, you lose direction of where your life is heading. We all need some inner guidance to focus on – a good reason to get up in the morning.

Write down the top 10 most desired goals you want to achieve over the next 90 days and go after your dreams.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone.
Keep in mind the many benefits of owning your own business.

Jeunesse gives  you exclusive anti-aging, health and wellness products, expert training resources and professional, ready-to-use marketing materials to build your own home based business on your terms. Whether you’re looking to earn some part-time income on the side or grow your operations on our global platform, Jeunesse provides a lucrative business opportunity for all types of direct sellers with their Exclusive Youth-Enhancement Products.

You will be perfectly positioned in a booming sector with unique health and wellness products people are raving about.

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We Offer Dedicated Support

You get your own personal website, with cutting edge business tools and training 24/7 all online so that you can run your business from your smart phone, as well as social media resources and your own business app.

Jeunesse Offers A Rewarding Lifestyle

Jeunesse offers time, freedom & financial security. luxury vacations with Lifestyle Rewards
Lasting relationships with people all around the world. Events & celebrations and a chance to give back.

For more details, check out the Financial Rewards Plan

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