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Brazilian Bikini Wax continues to be a very hot trend

Women of all ages love this procedure.

Leave your pride at the door and experience a new life and freedom from hair.

We ask you to take all your clothes off at the bottom, including your panties, we prepare the area with a pre-wax lotion, put on baby powder, spread warm wax over the area and rip the hair out.

Most people want all the hair removed from the pubic area and the butt, others prefer to leave a little strip of hair above the vulva. There are different names for this type of waxing. Some people call it "Hollywood wax", some people call it "Sphynx".

The procedure involves a bit of pain especially if it is your first time. The skin will be red and have red bumps where the hair was pulled out, but overall, once the hair is gone, the pain is also gone. Don't wear tight fitting clothing when you go for this type of waxing, and take a Tylenol or an Advil 15 - 30 minutes before. Most people don't take any pain killers.

Some people are prone to ingrown hair especially in the bikini area. If you are one of those candidates, you might consider purchasing Tend Skin or Kalo to get rid of ingrown hair.

Nowadays, many women get this done. However, more and more men are interested in genital waxing as well. In our spa, we suggest laser hair removal for men for this procedure. It involves a lot less pain for them.

If you have been shaving, don't shave for 3 weeks before a brazilian wax to make sure the hair is long enough to be removed properly.