About the Gehwol Brand

The name Gehwol means "Walk Well". The majority of the ingredients in Gehwol products are of natural origin. Prized herbs such as mountain pine, rosemary, thyme or lavender release their power fully in the finest essential oils. These, combined with emollient fats and oils of natural origin, as well as lanolin, and special ingredients such as allantoin (an active ingredient from horse chestnut), bisabolol (an ingredient of camomille) and panthenol, make up the highly effective Gehwol products.

A careful design and selection process, thorough quality control and high standard of hygiene guarantee the highest standards of quality right across the Gehwol line. Gerlach takes the utmost care even when choosing the raw ingredients. Only the best-quality ingredients are used in production. Microbiological examinations, and packaging that offers optimum protection, guarantee that all Gehwol products reach the consumer in perfect condition.